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EuroCup race R6 2015 – Italia (Dora Baltea, Ivrea)

già A.I.Raf, fondata nel 1987
European Cup Dora Baltea River
Slalom, Sprint, Head to Head, Downriver

31st July 2015 – Ivrea (TO)
1st and 2nd August 2015 – Villeneuve (AO)

This competition is promoted by the Italian Rafting Federation (F.I.Raft) and organised by Rafting Aventure S.S.D.
Foreign team members from European or Non-European organisations, F.I.Raft Club Members, Rafting Companies and affiliated Teams can all participate in this event.
As with the Italian Rafting Championship, this competition will comply with F.I.Raft regulations http://www.federrafting.it/federazione/documenti-federali/finish/21-carte-federali/334-regolamentosportivo-federale-ultimo-aggiornamento-7-nov-2014.html
Slalom, sprint, head to head, downriver.

For the competitive teams, the rafts used during the race must have F.I.Raft technical specifications (based on availability, rafts with such specifications, can be supplied by F.I.Raft). For “non- competitive athletes” Italian Championship rafts can have different sizes and dimensions. Depending on age, athletes are divided into the following categories:
a) Cadet: Athletes aged between 10 and 14. Without an adult athlete or a F.I.Raft expert on board, athletes members in this group can only compete on the maximum technical difficulty of a Class 3 river. The teams are open to males and females and mixed gender teams can take part. This category is only one without gender distinction.
Athletes belonging to this group, cannot compete in other categories. However, starting from 13 years of age, they can race in the Junior category as a single athlete but not as a team (the proportion being 3 Cadet athletes out of 6 for R6 teams).
b) Junior: Athletes aged between 15 and 19. Athletes members in this group can only compete on rivers with a technical difficulty no higher than Class 3.
Junior teams are composed exclusively of members belonging to this age group.
2 Junior athletes can compete both as a single athlete or as a team in the Senior group, on rivers with a technical difficulty no higher than Class 3. If Junior athletes wish to run a race in the Senior category, they will be classed as Seniors whether they are adults or not.
c) Under 23: Athletes aged between 15 and 23. Athletes members of this group can only compete on rivers with a technical difficulty no higher than Class 3.
Under 23 teams are composed exclusively by members belonging to this age group.
Under 23 athletes can compete both as a single athlete or as a team in the Senior group, on rivers with a technical difficulty no higher than class 3. Under 23 athletes wish to run a race in the Senior category, they will be classed as Seniors.
d) Senior: Athletes aged between 20 and 40.
Senior Teams can be made up of all Seniors or combined with Junior and Master athletes.
As part of the Senior team, the following are allowed to participate:
– 2 Junior or/and Under 23 athletes, for R4 races
– 3 Junior or/and Under 23, or Master athletes, for R6 races
e) Master: Athletes aged between 41 and 75.
Master teams are composed exclusively by members belonging to this age group. The team can be mixed gender. This category doesn’t possess gender distinction for teams.

General Rules:
1. Cadet, Junior, Under 23, Senior and Master teams can be mixed gender. Mens Teams are considered as such if half or more of the crew is male. Womens Teams are made up exclusively of females. If a Womens Team wishes to compete in the men’s category, it will be classified as a Mens Team.
2. Teams must be made up of 6 athletes (for R6 races), arranged by age group as illustrated in the previous section.
3. All athletes, except for Allievi and Cadets, can participate in the same race in 2 different teams at most, as long as they are in different categories. This specific request has to be previously authorised by the Organising Commitee and by Race Officers during the meeting but prior to the race.

Friday 31st July 2015

Slalom – Location: Ivrea Canoa Club – Ivrea (TO) – via Dora Baltea, 1/D
Slalom Race: Ivrea Canoe Club slalom course (300 mt. Length), Class 3 difficulty
3,30 pm: meeting point at Ivrea Canoa Club, assignment and distribution of race numbers and Council Race

5,30 pm: Slalom race, 1st Round
2nd Round to follow
At the end of the race, transfer to Villeneuve (AO) – loc. Chavonne

Saturday 1st August 2015:
9,00 am: Council Race at Rafting Aventure SSD
10,30 am – Sprint race, Chavonne river section, (300 mt. approx. length), Class 3 difficulty
One round only
2,00 pm – Head to Head race, Chavonne river section, (300 mt. Approx Length), Class 3 difficulty

Sunday 2nd August 2015:
9,00 am: meeting point at Rafting Aventure SSD, assignment and distribution of race numbers and Council Race
09,30 am: Downriver race. Starting Point at Leverogne , finishing line at Rafting Aventure SSD – loc. Chavonne – ONLY for men and women Senior Teams – 6,5 Km aproximately (Class 3 – 4 difficulty)
11,00 am: Downriver race, river section between Rafting Aventure and Sarre (motorway exit) – for Cadets, Under 23, Master, Non – competive Athletes (amatori) – 3,7 km approximately (Class 3 difficulty)
1 pm (approximately) : End of races
2,30 pm: Awards ceremony at Chavonne

Race coordinator: Stefano Pellin
Timekeeping by Federazione Italiana Cronometristi
Safety and life-saver service by Croce Rossa di Moncalieri
Medical Service: Croce Rossa Italiana
Foreign athletes must be insured by their own Federation

Registrations for the races, complete with Club/Company or Team name as well as the full list of the participants, has to be sent by email to aventure@aostanet.com and segreteria@federrafting.it or by fax 0165/51.64.14 not later than the 25th of July 2015.
Penalty fees of € 30 per Team will be applied if registrations are sent after such deadline.

The Organising Board, reserves the right to reject registrations received after the 25th of July 2015. All participants must follow the safety regulations as expected in the F.I.Raft Technical Regulation.

The participation fee is €75 for each registered Team

Race numbers are allocated during the Council Board on the 31st of July 2015.
A € 20 deposit is required for each bib number. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the races, when the bib is returned.

Every raft must be equipped with:
One spare paddle
One throwing rope

There are points available for every race. At the end of all the races there will be awards for the company that has accumulated the highest score for team points. (This excludes the Italian Rafting Championship, where each race will be awarded separately)

For more information regarding logistics and overnight stays please contact Rafting Aventure directly: tel. 0165/95.082.

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